Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, June 4-6, 2018

Call for Nominations

The HALG 2018 conference seeks high-quality nominations for invited talks that will highlight recent advances in algorithmic research. Similarly to previous years, there are two categories of invited talks:

To nominate, please email halg2018.nominations@gmail.com with the following information:

  1. Basic details: speaker name + topic (for survey talk) or paper's title, authors, conference/arxiv + preferable speaker (for paper talk).
  2. Brief justification: focus on the benefits to the audience, e.g., quality of results, importance/relevance of topic, clarity of talk, speaker's presentation skills. Pay attention to potentially non-obvious information, e.g., the topic might seem out of scope, or the material seems inadequate for one talk.

All nominations will be reviewed by the Program Committee (PC) to select speakers that will be invited to the conference.

Please keep in mind that the conference does not provide financial support for the speakers.

Best regards,
Robert Krauthgamer,
HALG 2018 PC chair